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Starkey’s match of the round - 6

South Conference

For the Monday night competition, I have selected the ‘Unicorns vs Camels’ game as the match of the round. Last week the Unicorns played the Blazers in a cracking game, the Unicorns walked away with a 1-point victory over the Blazers. Their 1st round pick Lee Belton had 17 points and their young gun Jake Sutherland had 11 points, Dale Taylor had a quiet game from his standards only having 6 points but I don’t think that happens two weeks in a row.

The Camels went up against the Ducks in a crossover game and unfortunately for the Camels Steve West made his return to Super League after having a couple of weeks off due to injury and he didn’t miss a beat dropping 7 BOMBS from deep. The Camels young gun and 1st round pick Hayden Melsen continues to have a cracking season, as he had 23 points.  

For the Unicorns to win this game I think they just keep doing what their doing as they have so many role players who play their role each week and I believe this is why this team is hard to beat. As they have already shown you can shut down one of their stars but it doesn’t mean the other star player won’t be on and it doesn’t stop the role players on this team contributing every week.

For the Camels to win this game Hayden Melsen needs helps, we know that Big Mike Stewart can put up big numbers, Peter Kennedy can put up big numbers and we know they have players that can chip in and score at least 10 points.

The match up that I am looking forward to in this game is Lee Belton vs Hayden Melsen, both stars of the league so I think everyone wants to see them go head-to-head hopefully they give the fans what they want to see.


I am tipping the Unicorns to win this game between 1 – 10 points.


East Conference



For the Tuesday night competition, I have selected the ‘Knights vs Vikings’ game as match of the round. Last week the Knights showed they are the team to beat in this competition as they were put to the test by the Bulls and still walked away with the W. This now makes the Knights the only undefeated team in our competition, the Vikings went up against the Bloodhounds last week and unfortunately for the Vikings they lost their first game of the season.

For the Knights to win this game they need to just keep playing the brand of basketball that they are playing as they have proven they are the team to beat this season and that they are very hard to match up against. Cam Scott continues to dominate on the offensive and defensive end, Tim Morgan is starting to find form on the offensive end and we all know how much pressure he brings on the defensive end.

For the Vikings to win this game they will need to bring the brand of basketball they had in the first 4 weeks as they had shown the league that they were one of the teams to beat and very hard to stop. Did they just have an off week last week or were the Bloodhounds just too good, I don’t see their GM Mike Godfrey having another off night like he did last week I reckon he bounces back this week.

Before last weeks games we thought that these 2 teams were going to be the only undefeated teams left, unfortunately that is not the case but this will still be a cracking game of basketball.


I am tipping the Knights to win between 1 – 10 points.

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