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Starkey's report - Round 2


For the South Conference on the Monday, I have selected the ‘Camels vs Crocs’ game as the match of the round.

Lachlan McGrath’s Camels definitely set the tone for the competition in the first week, they were the highest scoring team from either night scoring a total of 77 points for the game. Their Star 1st round pick ‘Hayden Melsen’ had 28pts for the game, shooting the ball at 60% from the field. The Camels 3 big men ‘Mike Stewart, David Huang and Liam McDonald’ all played a massive part in the Camels big win. All 3 big men contributed with a combine total of 32pts and shooting the ball between 54-60%. Another guy that contributed for this team was Peter Kennedy, who had 11pts, 6 rebounds, 6 assists, and 2 steals.

Can the Camels keep up this winning form?

Can Hayden back up his round 1 performance?

Can the 3 big men have another big impact in round 2?

The Crocs had a disappointing loss against the Blazers in round 1, only scoring a total of 39pts for the game. I must say for the team that they have is a disappointing score in my opinion, this team should be able to put up big scores each week. Maybe it was round 1 jitter’s and getting used to the rings at Bridgewood (some players struggle with the stiff rings). I am backing the Crocs to bounce back this week and put up a big total but with that being said they will need their big-time players to step up and put-up big numbers because we all know that ‘Jak Morris-Burney, Matt Darcy, Daniel Stow and Riley Lanting can put up big numbers. The Crocs do have a new player to super league this season Jarryd Marshall. There is talk going around that this guy could be ‘the steal of the draft’ and I believe the people saying that could be on to something, as I was able to run around with this team in a pre-season scrimmage and Jarryd was an absolute baller, he would get out on the fast break and either hit a contested jumper, take it all the way to the rim or pull up and drain the 3 ball. One last thing to note for this game is Jay Richardson, who has been sidelined for the season prior to game one. His replacement is a familiar face to Super-League - Karl Tirkkonen. Karl brings a similar level of IQ and knowledge, and will benefit from Matt Darcy dimes all season long.

Can the Crocs put a big enough score on the board to contest with the Camels?

Does Matt Darcy change his game from being a facilitator to being a scorer?

Can the Crocs contest and get boards against the Camels big 3?

Do they tag Hayden?

My tip for this game Camels win by 11+ EAST

For the East conference on Tuesday, I have selected the Knights vs Bloodhounds game as match of the round.

The Knights started their season off strong last Tuesday night against the Penguins, coming out playing a man-on-man defence, making it very hard for their opponents to score. Their 1st round pick and former MVP Tim Morgan had a very quiet game from his standard, only hitting 2pts for the game but he can thank his good mate Daniel Eagleton for that, he was all over Morgs like a rash and did not give him any space at all. The knights big man and 2nd round pick ‘Cam Scott’ had a monster game on the boards getting a total of 24 for the game, he also chipped in with 11pts, 3 assists, 1 steal and 1 block. But it was the little man ‘Jacob Begg’ who did all the damage on the offensive end, scoring 16pts and helping the Knights get over the line by 8pts. HOW DID HE DROP TO THE 5th ROUND??????????

Who is the GM of this team? Reece, or Morgs - because on the court it seems like Morgs is running the show.

Has Cam Scott fully recovered after his monster game on the glass?

Do the Knights play a man-on-man defence again?

Does Morgs have another quiet game or does he come out firing in Round 2?

The Bloodhounds kicked their season off against the Dragons in our first crossover game for the season. Now watching this game, the Dragons were undermanned and you would have thought since the Bloodhounds had a full squad that they would come away with the win. That wasn’t the case as they ended up losing by 7pts. The Bloodhounds 1st round pick ‘Jesse Mawdsley’ is still getting use to those rings at Bridgewood Ps, even though he was BOMBING 3’S at the combines which got all the GM’s talking. This guy is going to be hard to stop if he can shoot like he did in the combine. Shane Bajgar contributed with 11pts, 7 rebounds, 4 assists and 4 steals, quiet game for him scoring wise but other than that can’t ask for much more from this guy, his stats showed that he tried everything to get his team the W.

Does Morsman get aggressive and take Cam Scotts impact out of the game?

Does Daniel Whitfield have another stinker or will he explode in Round 2?

Does the Bajgar go to Morgs?

Does Mr GoPro (Aka Summit) contribute with bombing some threes like we know he can?

My tip for this game Knights win by 11+


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