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Introducing The Starkey Report

South Conference match of the round

Looking at the fixture for round 1 for the Monday night comp and I can’t go past the 8:20pm for match of the round, which is unicorns vs koalas. Tristan “the man from Melbourne,” first mentioned this in the GM chat whoever gets the first round pick will win the championship due to the fact that Jay McMillian has just signed up, so I am excited to see this man play and to see what all the hype is about.

In saying that the koalas are a team to watch because if all this hype about Jay McMillian is true they will have one of the best 1-2 combos in the comp with Mason Lee by his side. We all know how much damage Mason can do on the offensive and defensive end, but the big question for me is do the koalas have a enough fire power or will they win their games on the defensive end as they have a lot of big bodies on the court?

In saying this the koalas do go up against a handy opposition in the unicorns, who have 2 of the best shooters in the comp with Lee and Dale. Everyone in the comp knows if Lee and Dale get cooking you can kiss the game goodbye, and another guy in this team is Kiel Sutherland now we all know how much of a defensive pest he is, I wonder if his son is exactly the same on defence because if he is good luck trying to score. Big question for the unicorns is Lee and Dale going to be able to put up enough points to beat teams? Who helps Lee and Dale on the offensive end?

I’m tipping this to be a close game but I am tipping the koalas between 1-10

East Conference match of the round

Looking at the fixture for Tuesday night, it was hard for me to pick the match of the round because in round 1 there are going to be some very good games in the A grade competition.

The game that I have chosen for “match of the round is Ducks vs Bulls.” I have chosen this game because it’s “The Bray Brothers” going up against two of the goats of super league in “Jeff Reid and Tommy Walsh.” Now in saying this, this game is big for J-Bray and the Ducks because it’s the GM’s first game back in super league since doing an ACL.

J-Bray has drafted a pretty solid team this season, in the first round he took the sharp shooter “Steve West (Aka Westy)’ and his brother THE SCHNOZ.” There is already chemistry there between Bray Brother and Westy since they play together on a Thursday night, but in saying that the Ducks do have other guys that can get cooking like Benji Coco and Fabrice Monty, the team definitely has a lot of 3 point shooters.

My concerns for this team is who helps “THE SCHOZ” inside? Who scores inside and who gets their rebounds if shots aren’t dropping?

That’s enough about the ducks.. Now let’s move to the Bulls.

Kyle Day comes in as a new GM and with a new franchise. Kyle’s first 3 picks of the draft were probably the best of anyone's team in super league, taking Jeff Reid, Tommy Walsh and Lincoln Scott with his first 3 picks. Now this is also a big game for the new GM as he will want to start the season off strong and get the win in round 1, in saying this, this will be a heated contest right from tip off due to the fact that Kyle Day took J-Bray’s good mate with his 4th pick Michael Morgan. Now from what I’ve heard Michael stands at about 6’4 and is a very solid rebounder, so he will be very useful in this game especially if he can score inside as well.

The Bulls definitely have a big 3 in Jeff, Tommy and Lincoln, but my concerns for this team are can Jeff and Tommy work? As they both love to have the ball in their hands, has Tommy’s behaviour changed?

My tip Bulls by 11+

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