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In A League First, We Have Our First Trade Made On Christmas Day!

Bayside Reapers Receive David Huang Ringwood Rangers Receive Summit Thapa

As the Rangers continue their early season re-tool, they bring in sharp shooter Summit Thapa.

Summits speed in transition, combined with his ability to knock down threes and stuff the stat sheet is exactly what the Rangers have been lacking in their first 4 games. Summit will come in and give the Rangers a shot in the arm offensively. Are the Rangers done with their new look team? Time will tell.

The Reapers on the other hand experienced a retool of their own, recently bringing in Seth Horne as a replacement player. This swayed the balance of the team to be guard heavy and brought on the need for a trade. Dave Huang is rated top 3 in "Players you wouldn't want to run into" in our league this season. His rebounding on both ends will fill a hole the Reapers had been masking all season so far.

The big question is do the Reapers trade for Steve West and Reece Ainsworth next?

A clever move from both GMs here.

Merry Christmas everyone!!


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