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SL Season 8 to be the best yet

With the Philly Island Penguins taking out the Championship for Season 7 in style, Super-League's newly appointed board look ahead to making Season 8 on the South East the best season ever.

The team of 11 board members, assembled just days ago have been put in place to assist with day-to-day running of the league, as well as steering the league in a direction that represents what players are after.

"As the first Commissioner of the league since Tristan Blacka, I hope to be able to deliver a terrific playing experience for all who join. Our aim is to maximize value for each player who has signed up for this season. We have a number of fresh ideas in mind that will help us get to the next level." League Commissioner Rohan Sword.

"Our first significant achievement is bringing the playing group a payment option that allows players to pay over a number of weeks. This isn't new to Super-League, but we have upgraded the system. Players can now sign up using Paypal, who now have a "Pay in 4" solution, allowing customers to pay in installments. This is terrific, as it is at no extra cost to the players, as well as being interest free."

The first combine for Season 8 is happening on Sunday 16th October. Award presentations will open the afternoon at 2:30pm. Champions will be awarded their trophies, as well as the season awards will be announced for S7 (MVP, DPOY and Steal of the Draft).

The Draft Combine itself will be held at 4pm. traditionally, this is a great opportunity for players to come down, shake some rust off, get to know some new faces and have a great time. Combines are designed so our GM's can get to know players' games, their strengths and weaknesses and begin to form an idea of how they want to build their teams.

Our second combine will be held on Sunday 23rd October at 4pm.

Our third and final combine will be held on Monday 24th October at 6:40pm.

The Draft will be on Tuesday the 25th October

The season will commence late November!!

Spots are limited, so those who are interested are encouraged to act fast and snap up a spot.

"We have a number of returning players this season from last, as well as some exciting names from seasons past, including Savin Lopez, Jamie Mcneil, Jackson Grey, Kurt Lazaro and Justin Temby just to name a few. I am personally looking forward to what we can achieve as a team this season, knowing that we have so much talent around us as a management team, but also a playing group." Former League Commissioner Tristan Blacka.

For any questions regarding this season of Super-League, feel free to reach out to the Facebook page, or email us at


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