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Super League set to elect a Board of Directors.

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

Southeast Super-League is set to implement a Board of Directors on Sunday 25th September, to help drive the league forward and assist in any shortfalls the individually competitions have been facing.

“It’ll be a huge step for the Super-League. It’s a great opportunity to bring in some fresh blood, with new ideas to assist with SL’s growth. – Manpower is paramount in SL’s future success, and I know our leagues have some very talented capable people”


The Board of Directors will consist of four Executive Members and four General Members who will report to company owners:


• Commissioner of Basketball (President)

• President of Operations (Vice President)

• Communication Officer (Secretary)

• Finance Officer (Treasurer)


• Referee Advisor

• Sponsorship/Partnership

• Fundraising

• Social Media Support

• Player Liaison

To understand more about the board positions and requirements please contact Tristan Blacka directly.

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