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Blockbuster Duo Trade

Podcaster Plozza’s “mock” trade has become reality!

The Cardina Crocs receive the scoring power of Joel Donnelly and the athleticism of Justin Temby

The Emerald Bears receive the elite father/son combo of Jimmy and Craig McGrath

The Cardina Crocs elite father/son combo of Jimmy and Craig McGrath have been traded to the Bears for the scoring power of Joel Donnelly and athleticism of Justin Temby.

JD and Temby combined for an average of 20.3ppg at the Bears. The Crocs will be hoping for an injection of scoring power from the duo. But Stowey will also be hoping that having the extra scoring threats leads to more open opportunities for guys like Nagel and Pettit. The Crocs now have 2 first rounders in Nagel and Donnelly and could now become one of the best offensive duos in the league!

Dan Stow

“Excited to add JD and JT, I'm hoping they can help slow our scoring slumps that we've experienced over the first few games.

Sucks to give up Jimmy and Calf, love them both and always fun to have them a part of the squad”

The high IQ of the McGrath duo will bring elite passing to the bears. The bears were in need of a PG. Ideally they will be hoping they can make up the loss of PPG with an increase of looks for players such as West and Wise. The father/son combo was the perfect fit for the teams balance. Craig providing strength and size inside, making the bears a very big squad. The idea of running Wise, JRich and Craig out of the high and low post also will be a nightmare match up. Good luck getting boards against the bears. However the move by Wise sees more spacing for sharpshooter West!

Greg Wise

"I decided that with our slow start to the season that a change needed to be made. Jimmy and Craig bring in a lot of ball movement and experience and hopefully that helps to bring us back in it”

Overall this seems to be a clever trade by both GMs Stow and Wise.

Will the Summer break lead to anymore line up adjustments?

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