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Trade Deadline Tracker

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

As the trade deadline closes in (Satuday 6th Feb 10pm), the leagues GMs have already begun making moves to prepare them for one last push to the finals. Stay tuned here on this post for the latest trades as they break.

Penguins bring in Veteran Leadership over Fresh legs and athleticism

Penguins Receive: Gavin McMaster

Stangs Receive: James Armstrong

Penguins are a team who have been excelling. James Armstrong has been a solid contributor. His athleticism and youth figured to be a good fit for the Pens. GM Brad STARKEY has elected to shift his team to more of a veteran group, bringing in accomplished Gav McMaster. This will be Gav's 3rd team for the season, but has shown some great form of late which could be the reason Starkey is backing him. The Stangs now have a re-vamped lineup and look to be a younger, more exciting team (yet to be verified!) Armstrongs addition to this line up will add much needed height, but also someone who can put up points in bunches next to All-Star caliber recruit Casey Wassylko.


One of the league's best teams make a trade?

There is a saying "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". Koalas GM Brendan Clark is unfamiliar with this concept, as he makes a trade to improve his line up. Koalas Receive - Alex Mcmillan

Mustangs Recieve - Riley Lanting

Koalas have been great this season. Riley Lanting has been a solid contributor and is a guy laying dormant, waiting for the team to really need his scoring punch. GM Brendan Clark is banking on not needing that punch, and has brought in a defensive, athletic wing in McMillan. Capable of putting up points, Mcmillan is known for his composed play on both ends.

Stangs pick up a player capable of catching fire from deep, but also a solid frame who can drive the ball in Riley Lanting. The Mustangs could use a little help in the scoring department, so the move makes sense. Time will tell if it pays off.


Blazers reset their roster, Camels to try a different approach

Camels Receive - Mitch Ryal, Serg Duscas

Blazers Receive - Corey Nagel, Scott Mcquillan

GM Trav Harris has seen enough after their team lost 3 games in a row. The loss of their star Joel Donnelly has upset the balance of their squad and they seek a different look. The injection of the athleticism and scoring that Corey and Scott bring could be just what the Blazers need. Corey is not far removed from leading the league in scoring and putting up 20+ points per game on a nightly basis. This season he hasn't been the same player, but he is hoping a change in scenery might make all the difference.

Camels have been searching for answers for a while now. GM Lachlan McGrath has taken a unique approach, in doubling down on the talent he has already, while bolstering his line up. Lachie will now rely on Luis Munoz and Summit Thapa to provide more points per night, but have added a couple of unique pieces in Mitch Ryal and his running mate Serg. The pairing of Serg and Summit could be a fun one, as both love to get out and run the floor. Ryal figures to be the same player he is on every team, but Camels are banking on being able to use him more efficiently than the Blazers.


Kurt Lazaro Returns! Mike Godfrey out for remainder

The Crocs' Mike Godfrey has been ruled out for the remainder of the season as his work circumstance changes with a big promotion. Although this will be the second time a first rounder has been replaced for this squad, it opens the window for Kurt Lazaro to return. Initially ruled out of a Tuesday night with other basketball commitments, Kurt will return, this time in a Crocs' outfit


Sharks, Crocs Make a swap

Sharks Receive: Shaun "Woody" Webster Crocs Receive : Riley Smith

Crocs are searching for answers. That is no secret. After going just 1W-5L for the season, GM Dan Stow is shaking things up. After having success in recent seasons with Woody, Stow figures he will be able to extract perhaps more than the 3pts, 5 rebounds a game he is averaging currently. His defensive effort and hustle is no secret and he is highly regarded on every team he has played on.

The Sharks on the other hand bring in a long, young talented guy in Riley Smith. Currently averaging 10pts a game, Smith will add to the scoring punch the Sharks have been building. Their recent moves put them in a good spot to push for the finals, providing they can carve out a role in the offense with Smith's arrival.


Penguins / Bucks open the trade war Newly appointed GM of the Bucks Nick Spezza hasn't been shy when addressing his teams struggles this season. Spez has given his team a jolt after their 38 point blowout loss Monday, trading big man Michael Francis for the Penguins' Dylan Hilton. It will remain to be seen the winners or losers of this trade, but a swap in big men does make sense. The Penguins have a noticeable dip in size after their C and GM Brad Starky. Injecting Francis to the lineup is an obvious move to address their size deficiency by adding a solid body inside. On the flip side, the Bucks adding Dylan Hilton are doubling down on their C Dave Morsman. Adding Hilton to this line up will help with their rebounding and rim protection. Let's see how this one plays out.


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