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Tommy, Charlie Traded... AGAIN?

Yes, you did read that correctly. Tommy Walsh and Charlie So are both on the move.... again. Their destination? Back to their original teams!

In a rather interesting turn of events, GMs from both the Beaconsfield Mustangs and Harkaway Toucans have both agreed that perhaps this trade didn't go as planned for either party. The best way forward was to trade them back to their original teams. The trade comes after both teams suffered losses where their teams, in parts didn't look like competing.

Tommy Walsh has now been packaged with big man Jason Stern in a deal which nets the Mustangs Charlie So and big Ash Turner. Stern's first season in the league, he has shown that he can be a valuable contributor with the way he uses his body to secure rebounds and play defence. Turner's second season in Super-League see's him with an established reputation as a defender and rim protector. His height and versatility defensively should prove useful in the Mustangs arsenal.

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