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Updated: Feb 19, 2020


After a long summer licking his wounds, Daniel Zuijdwijk is back for Super-League Glory sporting a new look for season 2020. Zed's Thunder were knocked out in the first round of finals last season are seeking redemption this time around. SL Media got the chance to sit down with Zed and discuss the upcoming season.

{SL MEDIA} Dan, You shocked a few people during your draft last season with some of your selections and had a fantastic season. What was your main focus during the draft process?

{ZED) My main focus entering the draft was to gun for scorers with a competitive nature. I needed as many 2 way players as possible. I had the thought process of ‘who do I need to stop in this league and who cant be stopped and what will the match ups be.’ From there I needed to pick certain players.

{SL MEDIA} And do you feel you achieved that?

{ZED} After starting the draft all was not going to my exact plan, I had to move and adapt, by the end of the draft I had a team which I believe exceeded my expectations. All I can hope is that my team will work as much in practice as in theory. I know other GMs don’t agree with my selections. But I’m here to prove them wrong. Last season it took 8 rounds of winning to change minds. Lets see if I can do it again!

{SL MEDIA} In response to those comments, you seem to be fairly content with your selections. How do you feel your franchise’s will go this season? I sense you're not satisfied with how last season ended.

{ZED} I am confident that we will take out the championship. When it comes who can stop of defence and who can stop on offence I struggle to see a team who can compete. We have great scoring capabilities with a lot of hustle guys. We got this!

{SL MEDIA} You've got rid of the yellow and replaced it with a much cleaner white and blue. Tell us a little bit about the “NEW LOOK” Thunder Uniforms.

{ZED} I am so excited about our new look. When I saw the artwork I couldn’t believe. The boys at Taylor Teamwear have done an awesome job! Can wait to show the threads off round 1!

{SL MEDIA} Let’s touch on the other Franchises for a minute, because there is some serious competition coming your way. From a list perspective, who do you think has the best? aside from your own of course?

{ZED} ’m really liking the Kings at this point. The team has a lot of guys that will work super well together. In some cases chemistry is the most important factor to a team.

{SL MEDIA} Who will win the MVP then?

{ZED} Looking at the talent, it’s a tough decision. The guys up the top are very close. But I’m going to have to go with Jordan Melrose. He just doesn’t have an off switch. I think he will be the most consistent performer. {SL MEDIA} More importantly, Will Jordan Melrose make the 3pt contest? {ZED} No.

{SL MEDIA} Who will win the DPOY?

To be honest I think Chris Barrett can go back to back with this award. I don’t think anyone has joined this season with the ability to take it away from him.

{SL MEDIA} Who will win the Steal of the Draft

{ZED} Steal of the draft will go to Jono Svennson, he seems to be a bit of a unknown player to the league. But he is a PG with great decision making skills, defensive abilities whilst being knock down from the 3. Even though he went as high as the 3rd. He is definitely a top 2nd early 1st in my eyes.

{SL MEDIA} I know you are stoked with your lists, But If you could have one player from another team, who could it be?

{ZED} I would want Denee. Although he hasn’t played consistent games of basketball through out his life. He is a learner and a go getter and way stronger than he looks. I do believe i’m probably the best GM for him. Although it would be really good to see Byrney do well with him on the flip side.

Could this be the Thunder's year? Let us know in the comments below! More Uniforms reveals coming shortly so keep you're eyes on this space.


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