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Return to action results in active trade market

With a return date locked in. Franchises have turned the sights to their rosters and what they can do to sure up any holes in their squads. With this in mind, there has been no shortage of action in the trade market and rumour mill. We cover all you need to know here.


Mike Grodfrey brought in as replacement player

With the return came injury news for the Crocs. First round pick Jason Lang has been ruled out of the season with a back injury, leaving the Crocs scrambling to find a replacement. They really fell on their feet with the signing of free agent guard Mike Godfrey. Like Lang, Godfrey has had a number of years experience playing at a high level, including being a GM in the Super-League Elite competition. Mike will fill the void as a ferocious defender, while adding a more than reliable 3 point shot to the Crocs arsenal.


Adam Edgecombe makes his return, after zero seasons

Past Philly Island Penguins GM will make his return to Super-League after having a total of zero seasons away from the game. Penguins current GM Brad Starkey pounced on an opportunity to sign the savvy veteran after losing big man Dan Miatt to injury for the season. Starkey commented "If Adz can rebound like his usual self and make his flashy layups, he will go a long way to helping this team compete.".


Dylan May to the Bucks, Nick Spezza to step up

The Bucks lost their front office, as GM Matt Innes moved overseas to pursue a career in coaching (or teaching, we don't remember). First round pick Nick Spezza has taken on the challenge and will GM the team for the season. With the roster spot remaining open with Innes' departure, Dylan May returns to Super-League after a solid season with the Reapers Last year. May is known as a streaky shooter and should be able to fill the shooting void left in this squad.


Bears suffer a big blow, get a shot in the arm with replacement

The Bears were thrilled when they were able to secure Wyatt Tomisich in the fourth round of the draft. He was primed to be a steal of the draft candidate as he is known for putting up solid, consistent numbers. Unfortunately he has been ruled out of the season due to injury, which was a huge blow for GM Greg Wise. Enter Gabriel Alvarez. Brother of current bear, Dan Alvarez, Gabe will sign as Wyatt's replacement. Gabe is a known 3 and D guy with a high IQ and should provide close to equal value for Wyatt's departure.


Hayden Taylor to take the reigns at the Belgrave Mambas

Mambas lost their GM Ben Collins as he moved interstate, leaving an opening. Ex Reaper Hayden Taylor will step in and fill the void. Taylor is known for being a leader on any team, but will also bring some elite level defence. The Co-DPOY from last season will step in and look to steer the Mambas to the finals.


Reapers, Blazers first teams active on the trade market

The Reapers were another team struck down with injury, as Andrew Millar went down in Covid with an ankle injury, ruling him out for the season. The Reapers made a savvy move using a sign and trade to secure their replacement. In a deal with the HP Blazers, the Reapers signed free agent Luke Schmutter and dealt him immediately to the Blazers for value pick Benji Coco. This is Benji's first season in Super-League, but is fast establishing a name for himself as a great 3 point shooter with defensive ability. His fast pace should work well for the Reapers who are known as one of the bigger teams in the comp. The Blazers bring in one of the streakiest shooters Super-League has seen. When Schmutter gets hot, there is little teams can do to stem the bleeding.



Here are some of the latest rumors around our leagues


Toucans hearing offers Tommy Walsh?

We aren't sure how what the BS meter is on this one. Toucans could be listening to offers for Tommy Walsh. This is one team that is lacking in height, so perhaps the Toucans could be on the hunt for a 1st or 2nd round caliber big man? Tommy is hands down one of the best scorers this league has. If anyone can pry him away from the Toucans it will guarantee them points on the board.


Jacob Begg available for the right price

Begg is a gun for hire. Every team he has played on, he has established himself as an alpha and a dominant scorer. He figures to be a steal in this years draft, being taken in the 4th round. The Ducks could potentially turn him into a rebounder, or plug another part of their game they may struggle with, as scoring shouldn't be one of them.


Peninsula injuries and replacements

On the peninsula, rumours are flying that top recruits Eddie Swan and Luke Svensson are out with season ending injuries. These are two names that are massive contributors on their team and will be hard to replace with star-level talent. Kieran Mcqueen is a name that is floating around as a possible free agent, but if both teams are in need, one is surely going to be disappointed.


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