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Super-League return date is confirmed

After months of excruciating lockdown, including a grueling 6 month lockout of basketball comps in Victoria, Super-League fans finally have something to celebrate.

In a press conference yesterday, Super-League officials confirmed that the league is set to return, beginning 23rd of November. "We are ecstatic knowing that our league can return this year. So many of our players have been itching to get out there and play. We understand that it has been a long break without the game and that the return to basketball means a lot to many of our playing group." - League Commissioner Tristan Blacka.

Details of the current seasons have also been released:

SL South East Domestic


Opening night (Round 1) - Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th November Round 2 - November 30th and December 1st

Round 3 - December 7th and December 8th

Round 4 - December 14th and December 15th (crossover round)

---Christmas Break---


Round 5 - January 18th and January 19th Round 6 - February 1st and February 2nd

---Trade Deadline Sunday 7th 10pm---

Round 7 - February 8th and February 9th

Round 8 - February 15th and February 16th (crossover round)

Round 9 - February 22nd and February 23rd

Round 10 - March 1st and March 2nd

Round 11 - March 8th and March 9th


Monday 15th March

East1 Vs East4

East2 Vs East3

South1 Vs South4

South2 Vs South3

Tuesday 16th March

Eastern Conference Final

Western Conference Final

Monday 22nd March

SL South East Domestic Grand Final


SL Peninsula Domestic


Opening Night (Round 1) - Sunday November 29th

Round 2 - December 6th

Round 3 - December 13th

Round 4 - December 20th

---Christmas Break---


Round 5 - January 17th

Round 6 - January 31st

---Trade Deadline Wednesday 3rd 10pm---

Round 7 - February 7th

Round 8 - February 14th

Round 9 - February 21st

Round 10 - March 7th

Round 11 - March 14th


Semi Final (1V4, 2V3) - March 21st

SL Peninsula Domestic Grand Final - March 28th


Yesterday's press conference also set in motion rumors that a Garfield Foxes and Berwick Sharks uniform reveal may happen shortly. These two poor teams have had to wait for theirs after the league was shutdown right before round 1. These rumors were confirmed by President of Basketball Operations.

"We can confirm that these two teams will be unveiled over the course of the next week, as we prepare for the upcoming season. We would also like to thank our loyal playing group for their understanding and patience. This year has been hard on everyone. Being without sports and a release for many people has only added to the trials we have had to face this year. Our playing group, supporters and sponsors have shown great support to this league through the extended break and we would really like acknowledge that at this time."

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