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Super-League Merch Available Now

Super-League Merch has returned! After a couple of seasons of having no merch available, we have decided to bring merch back!!! This time around, players will be able to order direct from our site and pickup from our stadiums.

"This is an exciting step forward for us. Last couple of seasons we regrettably did not have an offering for our player and fan base, but this release of merch has everyone covered." League commissioner Tristan Blacka says. "We decided to step away from the franchise merch as we are able to keep our branded gear in stock and on hand at all times. Aside from this first couple of weeks, our store will have stock available for pickup on the next playing night, getting rid of any wait times."

When asked about future releases of more products, Tristan revealed that Super-League are looking at adding to the range already, but will have to see what support they get from the current range of products.

The first shipment of merch is expected to be available for pickup as early as the second combine, with worst case being available at round 1.


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