South East Domestic Teams Revealed

What an eventful draft! We had many of our franchises jostling for position in the lead up to the draft - which was crazy! But the draft itself was full of surprises and we now have our teams formed. Check the lists below:

Cranbourne Bucks

Nicholas Spezza

Craig Drew

David Morsman

Peter Kennedy

Matt Innes

Josh Lanting

Ian Mortimer **

Jake Miotto

Strengths: Shooting, Transition Weaknesses: Size Notes: Pairing David Morseman and Josh Lanting could be genius

Beaconsfield Mustangs

Andrew Printannier

Charlie So

Gavin Trapnell

Alex McMillan

Chris Loogman

Jayden Oneill

Alan Meagher

Jason Stern

Strengths: Interior Defence

Weaknesses: Outside Shooting

Notes: Charlie and Gav could be something special

Maryknoll Matadors

Tim Morgan

Rob Middleton

Liam Blacka

Michael Stewart

Cam Andre**

Nick Buckland

Matt Buck

Jayden Hamilton

Strengths: Outside Shooting, veteran savvy

Weaknesses: Tough to say

Notes: Appears to be a really well balanced team all over. Could be dangerous

Berwick Sharks

Lee Belton

Aaron Olczyk

Gani Uko

Jarryd Hendrikx**

Tristan Blacka

Justin Temby

Shaun Webster

Daniel Lewis

Strengths: Hustle, trash talking, High Basketball IQ

Weaknesses: Size

Notes: Have potential to be a dangerous team. Will be relying on Tristan being healthy sooner rather than later

Cardinia Crocs

Jason Lang

Jay Richardson

Daniel Stow

Nick Lang

Scott Elliot

Riley Smith

Ross Coutts

Jamie Franklin

Strengths: Distribution, speed, defence