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South East Domestic Teams Revealed

What an eventful draft! We had many of our franchises jostling for position in the lead up to the draft - which was crazy! But the draft itself was full of surprises and we now have our teams formed. Check the lists below:

Cranbourne Bucks

Nicholas Spezza

Craig Drew

David Morsman

Peter Kennedy

Matt Innes

Josh Lanting

Ian Mortimer **

Jake Miotto

Strengths: Shooting, Transition Weaknesses: Size Notes: Pairing David Morseman and Josh Lanting could be genius

Beaconsfield Mustangs

Andrew Printannier

Charlie So

Gavin Trapnell

Alex McMillan

Chris Loogman

Jayden Oneill

Alan Meagher

Jason Stern

Strengths: Interior Defence

Weaknesses: Outside Shooting

Notes: Charlie and Gav could be something special

Maryknoll Matadors

Tim Morgan

Rob Middleton

Liam Blacka

Michael Stewart

Cam Andre**

Nick Buckland

Matt Buck

Jayden Hamilton

Strengths: Outside Shooting, veteran savvy

Weaknesses: Tough to say

Notes: Appears to be a really well balanced team all over. Could be dangerous

Berwick Sharks

Lee Belton

Aaron Olczyk

Gani Uko

Jarryd Hendrikx**

Tristan Blacka

Justin Temby

Shaun Webster

Daniel Lewis

Strengths: Hustle, trash talking, High Basketball IQ

Weaknesses: Size

Notes: Have potential to be a dangerous team. Will be relying on Tristan being healthy sooner rather than later

Cardinia Crocs

Jason Lang

Jay Richardson

Daniel Stow

Nick Lang

Scott Elliot

Riley Smith

Ross Coutts

Jamie Franklin

Strengths: Distribution, speed, defence

Weaknesses: Outside shooting

Notes: This team could be fantastic. Lang brother pairing is clever. Size could be an issue.

Koo Wee Koalas

Ambu Uliando

Michael Bridgman

Brendan Clark

Mason lee

Riley Lanting

Nathan Collister

Stuart Basin

Mitch Gray

Strengths: Defence, Distribution, basketball IQ

Weaknesses: Potentially very few

Notes: CBL Stars all pairing up could be great. Ambu could find himself playing more as a 4 than anything else. With fantastic distributors, this team would serve well with their guards knocking down 3s.

Pakky Upper Unicorns

Pedro Faria

Kurt Lazaro

Joey Nativo

Kiel Sutherland

Travis Stewart

Elton Bland

Jason Seigel

Curtis Wheeler

Strengths: Speed, transition

Weaknesses: Height

Notes: Travis Stewart going to be a MASSIVE X-Factor in this team. Will be relied upon heavily to guard the rim

Garfield Foxes

James Flannery

Leon Stapley

Jak Morris-Burney

Eli Evans

Trent Wreford

Jordan Hendrix

Kyle Day

Gary Miller

Strengths: Well Balanced

Weaknesses: None

Notes: This is our pick of the bunch. Look for this team to do some damage. JMB will be a huge part of this squad. Combined with Trent and Jordan should have a solid inside presence

Belgrave Mambas

Jeff Reid

Lincoln Scott

Ben Collins

Lucas Plozza

Peter Harris

Craig Magrath

Marty Sanchez

Adam Rankin

Strengths: Jeff Reid, Size

Weaknesses: Speed could be an issue

Notes: Solid all round team. Lots of veterans. Jeff looks to be primed for a big season

Philly Island Penguins

Josh Drury

Bradley Starkey

Peter Davey

James Armstrong

Daniel Miatt

Dylan Hilton

Cheyne Petitt

Zachary Thatcher

Strengths: Perimeter Defence, 3pt shooting

Weaknesses: Inside scoring

Notes: With their bigs more defensive and perimeter based, inside scoring could be an issue. Remains to be seen.

Emerald Bears

Alex Kotuziak

Greg Wise

Kiwi Kem

Wyatt Tomisich

Josh Saunders

Daniel Alvarez

Michael Francis**

Locklan Bethune

Strengths: Rebounding

Weaknesses: Outside Shooting

Notes: This team is chock-a-block full of talent.

Dandy Ducks

Travis Blackney

Jonathan Bray

Mathew Bray

Jacob Begg

Corey Brumby

Adam Grimison

Rohan Sword

Jeremy Hunter

Strengths: Scoring options, 3pt Shooting

Weaknesses: Defence

Notes: Bold of us to say, but defence could be the only thing holding this team back. The do have the DPOY from last season in Trav Blackney - so hopefully he can carry the load. HEAPS of options to score the ball.

Cora Lynn Camels

Corey Nagel

Summit Thapa

Scott McQuillan

Luis Munoz

Jake Connor

Jay Burgess

Luke Zarb

Lachlan McGrath

Strengths: Transition

Weaknesses: Defence

Notes: We could be wrong here. But this team is going to EAT in transition. If they can elevate their defensive game, it will only add fuel to the fire

HP Blazers

Joel Donnelly

Mitch Ryal

Craig Walker

Serg Durcas

Benji Coco

Travis Harris

Josh Carrol

Daniel Eagleton

Strengths: Deepest team in the comp, Well balanced.

Weaknesses: None

Notes: Josh Carrol And Daniel Eagleton could be Steal of the Draft - Exceptionally drafted. Many options for running point.

Bayside Reapers

Karl Tirkonnen

Dale Taylor

Broderick Green

Steve West

Andrew Millar

Rylan Dunn

Dean Horne

Kerry Ashford

Strengths: Outside shooting, size, rebounding

Weaknesses: Speed, transition defence

Notes: A lot of older heads and decent size bodies, guys who can shoot. Challenge for this team is in transition and their speed.

Harkaway Toucans

Tommy Walsh

Ryan Sinclair

Jonathan Lay

Matt Lever

Gavin McMaster

Jarred Mills Franklin

Tyrone Wertheim

Ashley Turner

Strengths: Veteran Savvy, experience, deep squad

Weaknesses: Defence

Notes: Ryan Sinclair could prove to be the glue guy on this team. Lots of clever players on this team and have real potential



Yes, we have had a couple already! We won't go too far into them just yet, but here are the details: Matadors Receive: Jarrod Hendrix Sharks Receive: Cam Andre Bears Receive: Ian Mortimer

Bucks Receive: Michael Francis


Who has the best squad? Time will tell, but leave us your thoughts in the comments!!

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