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Running of the Bulls!


Daniel Aubert was the last overall pick in Peninsula elite draft last season. After a very impressive season, the steal of the draft nominee sky rocketed up the re-draft boards and now looks to for championship glory in domestic as General Manager of the Dromana Bulls. SL Media caught up with Daniel to talk all things SL Peninsula domestic.

{SL MEDIA} Dan, Having had the off-season to prepare for domestic and given your experience, what was your main focus during the draft process?

{DAN) As great as elite was last season there was no teams really willing to commit on the defensive end. I felt if this was my focus for the draft I would have an advantage. My next focus was shooting and high character guys. {SL MEDIA} And do you feel you achieved that?

{DAN} On paper I was stoked with my team. Since then we have had two scrimmages and I truly believe I was able to achieve my goals in the draft. We have some real team orientated guys and some great personalities that will bond well.

{SL MEDIA} Getting value from all 8 picks goes a long way in the hunt for a championship and by all accounts, you will get strong production from all 8 players. What is the ceiling of this team?

{DAN} If we can work together and play team basketball, I honestly think we can go far. Hoping to get to the big one.

{SL MEDIA} As a brand new franchise, what are your thoughts on your new uniform and what will your identity be as a ball club this season?

{DAN} I am keen to build a successful Bulls brand that will complete against the best of SL. Be the best year in and year out. A franchise that players want to be a part of. I love the logo and the colours. The whole brand, players and culture is strong! Really keen to get out on court and show everyone what we are made of. We have a team to take it all.

{SL MEDIA} You obviously anticipate to be in the grand final come season end, who do you think you will be facing?

{DAN} I really like what Tom Byrne has assembled in the Mount Eliza Millions. They have a list that will play hard and fast basketball. They have players who pass the ball and share it.

{SL MEDIA} Who's your favourite for MVP?

{DAN} Hard to guess but I like Jordy Melrose. If he can manage his commitments with Big V. Otherwise, I like Chris Barrett or Tom Edwards.

{SL MEDIA} Who's got the best clamps this season?

(DAN) Matthew Nott is a Defensive beast – played in scrimmages and he can steal, rebound and defend with the best of them. Easy pick for DPOY.

{SL MEDIA} Who will win the Steal of the Draft

{DAN} Mitch Nation – He played amazing in scrimmages today. If he keeps it up, he will be steal for sure.

{SL MEDIA} I know you are stoked with your lists,

{DAN} If it could be anyone – Jordan Melrose. If I look at my list, I would like to pair Tom Edwards, Slim and Dan with Zayne Millsom.

We can't wait to see the Bulls in action come March 15th. Be sure to catch them at the Somerville Recreation Centre in round 1. More Uniforms reveals coming shortly so keep you're eyes on this space.


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