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Rumours Swirling on the Peninsula

With the draft only days away now, the newest Super-league - Peninsula Domestic is starting to heat up. Rumours are starting to swirl, with one rumour in particular getting big traction. Reapers GM Dale Taylor is rumoured to have huge interest in drafting Ex Balnarring Goat Josh McCarthy. The Ex Goat had a terrific season last season, averaging a double double. He also served as an above average rim protector at a block per contest. Taylor is no stranger when it comes to J-Mac, either. The two were rivals in 2 previous Super-League seasons. In both of these seasons, he had high interest in drafting the big man.


A source close to Karingal Kings GM - Richmond Reyes says the Kings were offered a package deal to acquire the 1st overall pick, but the offered was immediately declined. "I will not negotiate with the Reapers under any circumstances, for no other reason than who their GM is." - Richmond Reyes Rumours have been building of a fued between the two franchises. Could this be an opening night matchup?

Drop your bold predictions - or perhaps you know of something we don't? Give us a chop out in the comments.

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