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Raiders are ready for war!


The youngest GM in SL history is making serious noise in the early stages of Peninsula domestic. Josh Taylor has a clear cut idea of how he wants things to run in Flinders and has built a very strong team for his first draft experience. Another branch of the Josh McCarthy general managing tree; JT has the knowledge and poise to make things happen this season. SL Media sat down with Josh to chat about the upcoming season.

{SL MEDIA} You made it no secret of your intentions in the first round and you ended up with your man in Joshua McCarthy. What was your focus during the draft?

{J.T} My main focus was to acquire Josh McCarthy so I would have a solid big men who can play both inside and out. After that I was putting scorers, shooters and leaders on the team to create an unstoppable offence.

{SL MEDIA} You've drafted a really well balanced team; are you content with how the draft unfolded?

{J.T} I think my team is the absolute best it could be. My team has a variety of offensive weapons such as shot creating from Jalen Hema, shooting from Chris Vischer and Mitch Chapple, athleticism from Alex Ballerini and basketball smarts from Matt Nott and Harvey Taylor not to mention the presence of Josh McCarthy on the inside. I also made a controversial trade to acquire Harvey Taylor. Not only because he is my mate but I believe he under performed at the scrimmages and during this season he is going to impress a lot of people and make Richmond very upset to have traded him

{SL MEDIA} Despite being a relatively young team, do you think the Raiders has what it takes to compete for a championship this season?

{J.T} I think we will start of the season a bit slow but once we gel and find our feet we will be a very competitive team and I think we have the right pieces and talent to go all the way.

{SL MEDIA} A brand new franchise and a brand new uniform. What are your thoughts on the Raiders brand?

{J.T} I believe after this season everyone is going to be a part of the purple tribe, the Flinders Raiders. The Raiders are going to be known for our culture, effort and determination to win.

{SL MEDIA} Who do you think will be the biggest challenge this season?

{J.T} : I think the Thunder are going to be a very competitive team. Being able to have Dan at the second pick poses a big advantage as he is a very talented player and he has also been very strategic with his other picks, choosing dynamic scorers and a real challenge for any defence.

{SL MEDIA} What are you predictions for MVP?

{J.T} I think the MVP for this season will be Jordy Melrose. We recently played them in a practice match and that man can do everything, our guys really struggled to contain him and I think he will carry his team to many wins. Although I doubt he will make the 3-point contest. {SL MEDIA} DPOY? {JT} I can’t go past Chris Barrett but also I have high hopes for Shannon Yearsley. He seems to be a great defender and will be able to lock up small guards like Jordy.

{SL MEDIA} Who's the steal of the draft?

{J.T} Steal of the draft for me has to be Jalen Hema. Getting him with my 6th pick was crazy. I believe he has potential to be a second round player and come re draft time, I think he will go very high.

{SL MEDIA) You mentioned you were stoked with your draft but If you could have one player from another team, who would it be?

{J.T} If I could play with another player it would have to be Luke Svensson so I could through up some crazy lobs and watch that man fly. Richmond is a very lucky GM.

We can't wait to see the Raiders in action come March 15th. Be sure to catch them at the Somerville Recreation Centre in round 1. More Uniforms reveals coming shortly so keep you're eyes on this space.


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