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Looking like Wealth! Millions drop their prosperous uniforms


Tom Byrne is new a face to the general managing scene but make no mistake, he is here for one thing and one thing only; a championship. Confidence is imperative in a competition like this and with a name like the Mount Eliza Millions, Tom is going to need it. We sat down with Tom and picked his brain about the upcoming season.

{SL MEDIA} Thanks for joining us Tom. First and for most, whats been your major focus in the early stages of the competition?

{TB) I have been pretty vocal in talking about winning. Being able to take Ned Weideman, Bryce Anderson and DPOY favourite Chris Barrett early in the draft has me thinking championship.

{SL MEDIA} Championship or bust right?

{TB} Absolutely. The depth of this team looks second to none!

{SL MEDIA} You seem to be fairly content with your selections. How do you feel your franchise’s will go this season?

{TB} We winning it all baby. Judging from the first practice game, We have too many scorers, defenders and athletes to be really pushed this season. Plus Wai cuts great oranges. {SL Media} Tell us a little more about Wai Keat Chong.

{TB} Wai proved his worth to me after he spiked Richmond Reyes shot through the back wall on Sunday night. Can't wait for his oranges.

{SL MEDIA} You are sporting arguably the most controversial look in the game today. Tell us a little bit about your uniform.

{TB} This look honestly speaks volumes to the league. Safe to say I got myself the face of super league.

{SL MEDIA} That's a pretty ambiguous statement there Tom. What do you exactly mean by that? {TB} When you think of Super League from this day forward. You will think one team; Millions.

{SL MEDIA} Let’s touch on the other Franchises for a minute, because there is some serious competition coming your way. From a list perspective, who do you think has the best? aside from your own of course?

{TB} I think Daniel Aubert of the Dromana Bulls has done really well. Sean Hogenbirk, Daniel Kerin and Tom Edwards is tough big 3 and balance really nicely.

{SL MEDIA} Who's your pick for MVP?

{TB} Ned Weideman averaging 25 PPG. {SL MEDIA} Speaking of Neil Weideman, Have you noticed the graphic on your uniform up close? {TB} Who else would you want on there? The face of peninsula and future MVP.

{SL MEDIA} Who will win the DPOY?

{TB} Chris Barrett. He is going back to back.

{SL MEDIA} Who will win the Steal of the Draft

{TB} Shannon Yearsley strikes me as a guy to take big steps this season.

{SL MEDIA} This might be tough to admit but who's your list missing?

{TB} I think interior size is the one thing lacking from my Millions and Reagan hill is a piece I would make moves for. His size and strength combined with his 3 point stroke would be lethal.

Tom and the Millions have put it out there. This is the team to beat. We may have also found ourselves the Lavar Ball of SL. Let us know what you're thinking of the Millions in the comments below!

More Uniforms reveals coming shortly so keep you're eyes on this space.


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