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Important Announcement RE: Super-League


As the world burns with Corona Virus, just before the looting and riots start, Super-League have put their comps on hold before they could even start. Following the decisions made by Basketball Victoria yesterday to suspend all Big V and VJBL matches, nearly all associations in the area cancelled their games to fall in line and minimise the threat of exposure to the virus.

"We planned to hold off until mid Saturday to come to a decision regarding out competitions, but it became clearer and clearer as Friday went on that we would not be hosting round 1 this week. The Corvid 19 Virus has everyone a little panicked right now, with much uncertainty flooding in over the last couple of days we have decided to put our comps on hold indefinitely, but we will revisit this decision in the next 2 weeks." "This gives us a great opportunity to see what lies ahead in terms of the virus developing here in Melbourne and the South East Suburbs. I believe in the next couple of weeks we will have a much better understanding of where this thing is heading and we will know if this was an over reaction or not."

"The consequence of this decision is low from a league point of view - we push our comps back a couple of weeks with no real harm done. However, if our competitions were to go ahead as planned and we had multiple people attend who had the virus - with symptoms or not, the consequences could be huge. We have had a lot of feedback already saying that the risk is low to the people in the league, even if they do contract Corona Virus. We fully understand people's frustrations, as we just want to get out there and play as well, but at this time it is important to think of those that could be affected most by this virus - Parents/Grandparents. We urge all of you at this time to check in on your family and make sure they are in the best shape they can be in the following weeks." - President of Basketball Operations Dale Taylor.

The boys have dropped their latest pod delving into this - you can check it out HERE:

The league will keep everyone posted as this progresses and thank everyone for their understanding.


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