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Hastings are bringing the Heat!


Tom Clark is leading the hottest team in SL history as the Hastings Heat join the Peninsula Division. A branch from the Joshua McCarthy general managing tree, Tom was a vital component to the Balnarring Goats in elite last season and will look to bring hustle, hard work and toughness to solidify the Heat's identity. SL Media caught up with Tom in preparation stages of the competition.

{SL MEDIA} Based on your selections Tom, it appears you've gone with a size first mentality. Was this your focus in the draft?

{T.C} The guard play in Super League this season is phenomenal and I felt strong guards and forwards would slip in the later rounds so my focus was to draft big early.

{SL MEDIA} And do you feel you achieved that?

{T.C} Absolutely. Drafting Rome Teper and Harrison Swan as well as trading for Blake Delaney makes us the biggest team in the league. They will be well complimented by highlight machine Zayne Millsom and potential steal of the draft Dylyn Blackledge.

{SL MEDIA} Do you think this plan of size and strength will lead to you to ultimate success?

{T.C} I think championship is achievable however a top 4 finish in my first season as GM would be considered a success.

{SL MEDIA} A brand new franchise and a brand new uniform. What are your thoughts on the Heat brand?

{T.C} These are hot! I am thrilled with the new look Heat Uniforms. Awesome that we get to start anew franchise with a fire design.

{SL MEDIA} We have had two practice games thus far, Who looks the goods around league?

{T.C} I like the look of the Karingal Kings. Rhys Borham was killing last night.

{SL MEDIA} Who are you picks for our awards this season? {T.C} Ned Weideman MVP (Go Goats) Luke Svensson DPOY Tristan Rendell Steal (Go Goats)/ Dylyn Blackledge

{SL MEDIA} I know you are stoked with your lists, But If you could have one player from another team, who could it be?

{T.C} I’d have to take my man Josh McCarthy. I knew once JT traded down the writing was on wall but I would have loved to have his versatile skill set.

{SL MEDIA} Lastly, Rome Teper is on record calling himself the Giannis of SL. Have you seen the similarities? {T.C} Game 1 was promising that's for sure. He looks athletic, big and skilled. Giannis may be stretch but I'm happy to be proved wrong.

We can't wait to see the Heat in action come March 15th. Be sure to catch them at the Somerville Recreation Centre in round 1. More Uniforms reveals coming shortly so keep you're eyes on this space.


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