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First Trade made for S5 South East Between the Reapers and Foxes

It did not take long for GM's to start jostling for position after the draft lottery. The Bayside Reapers snagged 3rd overall pick in the draft, while the Garfield Foxes ended up at the tail end with pick 13. GMs Dale Taylor and Leon Stapley have agreed on terms which would send picks back each way - and it looks to be revealing some of their strategies. This is Taylor's 4th or 5th go around as a GM, while Stapley is making his debut. The pair have played many years of basketball together, including a long stint together at the Pakenham Warriors (a long, long time ago!). It should be no surprise that the two were able to hash out a deal that worked for both sides:

Garfield Foxes Receive:

Picks 3, 62 and 68

Bayside Reapers Receive:

Picks 13, 37 and 77 For Stapley, the strategy has been crystal clear from the start. His intentions all along have been to partner up with long time friend, "Dynamic Duo" buddy James Flannery.

"I keep no secrets here. Flanners and I play well together on the court. I feel like as a Fox he will be back to playing his best basketball. There is no doubt in my mind he is one of the premier talents in this league." - Leon Stapley

Flannery has been an Emerald bear the last 2 seasons. His latest season was no slouch - averaging 8 points, 7 rebounds and 3.5 assists per contest. These are numbers that Stapley is counting on rising if he does in fact take him with the 3rd overall pick in the draft. For the Bayside Reapers, GM Dale Taylor looks to be taking a different approach by creating a balanced and evenly talented team. Something that has been attempted before by few - and none have yet succeeded. "This draft is a deep one talent wise. A lot of new guys I think will fall in that 2nd-3rd round." - GM Dale Taylor

This could also tie in with our earlier article and Bayside Reapers having interest in Alex Kotuziak. Shifting down in the first round while adding depth mid draft could be a savvy move, should the Reapers GM decide to go with one of the league's best scorer's from last season. Stay tuned here for more updates on trades and the upcoming draft on Sunday 9th Feb.

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