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Domestic Awards Announced

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

The regular season is all wrapped up! But who will take home the MVP, DPOY and SOD awards?

This season was an exciting one, full of surprises - This MVP, DPOY and SOD proves to be no different. For those who are not aware, the MVP and DPOY awards are voted by our GMs after each match. Each GM votes 3,2 and 1 for MVP and awards a DPOY vote to the opposing team's players.


With several guys figuring to have made a strong case for MVP this season, there are some surprises on this list: 10. Greg Wise - Emerald Bears

The Round Mound of Rebound had an awesome season on the court, including one game where he logged a double double in just 10 mins! The Bears GM led from the front and was a big part of the team's success this season.

9. Alex Thatcher - Koo Wee Rup Koalas

Alex was probably one of the most consistent players in this season's draft. Putting up big numbers in each game (16.4PPG), he played while dominating the paint and causing problems for opposing teams.

8. Matt Bray - Bunyip Wizards

"The Schnoz" was one of the more surprising guys in the draft. Taken in the second round, the expectations were high. Matty Bray delivered on all fronts - averaging 10.6PPG and 9.9RPG - as close as you can get to a double double. For a part of the season he was the go to guy, with their first rounders (Nick Spezza & Andy Printannier) being injured.

7. Jaimie Mcniel - Clyde Kittens

Jaimie raised eyebrows when GM Ben Collins selected him with his first pick of the draft (in the second round). Questions were asked about if Jaimie could be the number 1 offensive option on a team. Jaimie, known for his defensive game, proved everyone wrong, having his best season at SESL yet, just doing what he does. With GM Ben Collins' crafty GM skills and Jaimie's play, they were nearly able to pull off something pretty special.

6. Jeff Reid - Nar Nar Goon Bulldogs

Jeff Had an amazing start to the season with two 30+ point games. His season didn't slow down from there, as he game opposing teams nightmares every single game.

5. Tim Morgan - Narre Warren Silverbacks

Tim is one of the best 2 way players this league has to offer. Known as a Steve Nash type for his shooting and distributing - he is anything but Steve Nash on the defensive end. Tim was a value pick this season, taken in the 3rd round (originally replaced Tim Eakins). Next season figures to surely go higher in the draft!

4. Joel Donnelly - Cardinia Crocs

Joel is a scorer. He puts up big numbers and he will let you know all about it. His 14PPG this season has been enough to carry the Crocs all the way to the big dance this season, and may even help them get their first Championship. Joel finished 2nd in 3PM this season also.

3. Kyle Nagel - Cora Lynn Camels

Kyle "Snags" Nagel should have been picked top 3... top 5 at the worst. He was actually picked 16 overall. Snags was probably the most dominant scorer in this league this season. Teams could not figure a way to slow him down as he euro stepped his way to a 39 point triple double. One among many great performances from him this season.

2. Dale Taylor - Bayside Reapers

Dale got off to a slow start this season, but managed to get his offence rolling after the first few and clawed his way back, all the way to 2nd in the poll. More often than not leading his team in scoring, Dale lead the league in 3 pointers made at a respectable 38%

1. Trav Blackney - Dandenong Ducks

Trav, known for his defensive ability, had a great season on both ends of the floor this season. He was often called upon as the primary scorer in this team, averaged 12.6ppg and a shade over 11 rebounds per contest. The team he drafted was terrific on paper, but had more bad shooting nights than good, which left Trav to do the heaving lifting in a lot of games, which he did incredibly well.


With several guys figuring to have made a strong case for MVP this season, there are some surprises on this list: 10. James Flannery - Emerald Bears

Such a crafter defender, Flanners was always going to be somewhere on this list. This season at number 10, Flanners was one of few defenders on the Bears squad and stood out like a sore thumb. Did very well.

9. Logan Mills - Pakky Upper Unicorns

Logan dominated on both ends this season, but particularly on the defensive end. His length and speed caused a lot of turnovers and transition buckets

8. Jimmy Magrath - Pakky Upper Unicorns

Jimmy was much the same as logan, his speed and great reads on plays caused turnovers and transition baskets

7. Tim Morgan - Narre Warren Silverbacks

This guy had a knack for locking guys up. He put the clamps on Jeff Reid this season, which is no easy task, keeping him to just 9pts. Later in the season - the finals in fact, kept Leon Stapely to 0 points.

6. Liam Blacka - Clyde Kittens

Liam played just 5 games this season, with a big holiday in the middle section. Of those 5 games, he got 5 DPOY votes. This just shows you what an elite defender this guy is. There are 2 other great defenders on his team in Linc Scott and Jaimie Mcniel, so to be able to poll over those two is really impressive.

5. Mitch Ryal - Cranbourne Bucks

Mitch had a tough season with the Bucks, as they competed in each and every game, only to lose in the final moments. Mitch's defence was terrific this season and a big part of why the Bucks were even in games late.

4. David Morsman - Cora Lynn Camels

The King of the rebound and baseball pass. Having Snags on your team for this is just gold - Dave must have been in quarterback heaven, throwing these passes nightly. The routine - contest a shot, either block/rebound it and send it long. Did a magnificent job of this and it reflected in their teams success this season.

3. Dave Huang - Harkaway Toucans

The Toucans struggled mightily with injuries this season. The received more than a few blowouts as a result, but one thing that was conistent - GM Dave Huang. His defence and rebounding in particular was big for this team.

TIED FOR FIRST - Trav Blackney - Dandenong Ducks & Hayden Taylor - Baydside Reapers

This is our first ever tie for the award! Both of these 2 guys are always considered as favourites to win the award and for good reason. For both of these guys - they read the passing lanes so well, they are elite 1 on 1 defenders, they are great rebounders and both have a knack for coming up with a steal when needed.

Trav was a stand out defender on his team and it helped the Ducks stay within reach of a lot of games

Hayden's defence changed games at times and gave the Reapers momentum down the stretch.


With so many candidates for this award, here are your top 3:

3. Rory Connelly - Clyde Kittens - 5th Round

Rory was unknown to most of the GMs. GM Ben Collins had the inside track and was able to leave him on the board until the 5th round. 11.6PPG and just a shade under 10 rebounds a game gets him 3rd position for the award.

2. Mihailo Kulas - Pakky upper Unicorns - 4th Round

Mihailo was left on the board all the way until the fourth round. This, in part was a massive reason why the Unicorns have been so dominant all season. GM Curtis Wheeler found multiple steals in each round and the result - a trip to the Grand Final. Mihailo was a top 10 rebounder and scorer this season (almost 16PPG)

1. Corey Nagel - Pakky upper Unicorns - 3rd Round

Corey came in with little expectation. We all knew his brother Kyle and how good he was. Noone expected that Corey would be capable of giving him a runfor his money. Corey led the league in scoring at 20PPG, had multiple 30pt games and became the Unicorns most dominant player. This is unique, as he probably isn't the go-to guy when the Unicorns want a bucket. He almost always scores of a rebound or hustle play, or a transition basket. A truly awesome find in the 3rd round.

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