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Burn City taking Super-Leaguers to new heights

Dan Zed & Ned Weideman coaching at BCB


Daniel Zuijdwijk (Zed) is the GM of the Langwarrin Thunder at Super-League Peninsula. A lot of you know him - he's the handsome guy that dances among the tall grass with his hair blowing gently in the wind. Even with how good of a model he is, this is still the second best thing he is good at. The first thing? Burn City Basketball. The idea for Burn City was started years ago, with the observation that adult domestic players have very few options when it comes to improving and adding to their game. BCB gives players the opportunity to learn and develop using Rep level training. Founder, Dan Zed then went to "Basketball School", where he became an elite coach.

"Burn City is all about giving guys the opportunity to train at a representative level, without needing to be in a representative program. We offer training to domestic AND representative players looking to improve their game. One of the most important things that players will gain from this training is the basketball intelligence, which is so difficult to acquire outside of a rep program. It's also a great way for players to add pieces to their game." - Dan Zed, Burn City Basketball Founder

The first session of BCB was held at Super-League Peninsula last Sunday and received some amazing feedback. The group consisted of Rep guys, ex-rep guys and also domestic only players. The session targeted both practical skills and theoretical knowledge of the game. "There was something for everyone in the session. I haven't trained in YEARS, so I came in thinking it would be good to go over some of this stuff that I already knew. What i didn't count on was how much I would learn while I was there. We went over a heap of things that were new to me, as well and getting back on track with some of the stuff we used to do years ago. I was able to add the Euro-Step into my game, learnt how to properly set on ball screens, and had a great run in some 2 on 2 pick and roll situations. I can't recommend this enough to guys of all skill levels. Whether it's your first time training, or coming back into training, or you are actively training at a club, this will have something for you." - Dale Taylor, President of Basketball Operations

One of the hardest things to acquire as a domestic player is knowledge of the game - when to cut, how to cut, timing passes, even where to stand. This is all the stuff that you learn in a rep program and to have access to it as a domestic player is a huge plus. Being able to do all of this in an environment where you are encouraged to push yourself and make mistakes for the sake of learning is a huge reason why guys are flocking to this program.

Burn City Basketball will be running at Somerville Rec. Centre every Sunday before Super-League games commence this season. This Sunday's session will be held at 4:40pm and goes for 1 hour. The cost of the session is ONLY $5.

If you are interested in Burn City Basketball, get in touch with Dan Zed himself, or if you can't reach him, contact SL and we can put you in touch.

See you Sunday!



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