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Bucks in 2020 look for SE and PEN Glory!


The Cranbourne Bucks will be represented in both divisions this coming season with Glenn Wansbrough leading the team on the Peninsula and Matt Innes leading the Bucks in the South East. Innes is no stranger to SL having been a GM for several seasons now. He is a stranger to success however having made no real championship pushes. Could this be the season he turns it around? This may be his best team yet. Glenn on the other hand brings a fresh face to SL with a wealth of experience at the Big V level both playing and coaching. The Bucks are 0-3 in the preseason but a situation Glenn is confident he can turn around. We sat down with both GM's to chat about their drafts and the upcoming season .

{SL MEDIA} Gentleman, Thanks for sitting down with us! Heading into this seasons draft, what was your main focus when trying to create your team?

{G.W} The main focus coming into the draft for me was to put together a team that can play both ends of the floor and be unpredictable. By all accounts defence can often be overlooked in this comp and I want two-way play to be a staple of our identity. {SAUCE} I wanted to draft a team who have a bit of fire on both ends of the floor. Similar to Glenn, being able to be impact on both ends can be really demoralising to the other team.

{SL MEDIA} And do you feel you achieved that?

{G.W} I do think I have achieved what I set out for in the draft. Additionally I was able to pick up a few players who I anticipated to be selected earlier in the draft. {SAUCE} We are working really well together in this early stage of the preseason. I believe the results will speak for themselves.

{SL MEDIA} How do you feel your franchise will go in your respective divisions?

{G.W} For me this season it’s so hard to predict as it’s my first season in Super League. There is a lot of guys I have never seen or played against so it will be interesting as the season goes on. The aim will be to play finals and try and give it a shake. {SAUCE} I believe we can match it with the top teams of the league and will be a scary team throughout the season.

{SL MEDIA} The Bucks traditionally have had a pretty sweet uniforms. What are your thoughts on this one and the identity of the Bucks? {G.W}The uniform looks awesome and the boys are looking forward to wearing it and setting a good standard and culture. {SAUCE}The Bucks represent teamwork and competitive spirit. Every player who puts on the colours will demonstrate that every week. Uniform is clean!

{SL MEDIA} Which franchise has the best list? (aside from your own)

{G.W} Once again hard question with so many teams with different talents but I really like the look of the Mount Eliza Millions. {SAUCE} Emerald Bears

{SL MEDIA} Who will win the MVP?

{G.W} Ned Weideman or Jordan 'Won't make the 3pt contest' Melrose.

{SAUCE} Chris Loogman

{SL MEDIA} Who will win the DPOY

{G.W} Chris Barrett

{SAUCE} Dale Taylor

{SL MEDIA} Who will win the Steal of the Draft

{G.W} Jono Svensson {SAUCE} Mr Saunders

{SL MEDIA} If you could have one player from another team, who could it be?

{G.W} Ned Weideman

{SAUCE} Mitch Ryall

First round of action is nearly here. Be sure to catch the Bucks in Round 1 on either the 15th of March at the Somerville Recreation Centre or the 16th of March at Bridgewood Primary School.


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