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Alex Kotuziak Drawing Heavy Interest

Former Emerald Bear Alex Kotuziak is receiving heavy interest from GMs and his expected price is a first round pick.. The Bears guard had an impressive season in season 4 of domestic, averaging 18.5pts and 5rebs per contest. "It should be no surprise that Al is being considered by teams with early first round picks. He was back to his normal self, scoring the ball at will. He is also one of the better defenders this league has to offer." One GM was quoted. Alex Is expected to draw heavy interest from his former team - The Emerald Bears, but is also rumoured be coveted by the Bayside Reapers, Maryknoll Matadors AND the Beaconsfield Mustangs. Where the great man ends up this season is anyone's guess, but you can guarantee there will be a list of teams queuing up for his services. There are several other intriguing players in this seasons draft:

Kurt Lazaro Killer Kurt hasn't been featured in many GM's first round discussions as yet. But perhaps he should be. The Toucan averaged 14.5pts per game, along with 6 rebounds and 4 assists. Those numbers are on par with some of the best players in the comp last season. One of those names - Kyle Nagel. Kyle had averages of 14.5pts per game, 5.5 rebounds and 5 assists - and was widely regarded as one of the hardest guys to stop in this league. If there is a GM out there that is after an uber talented guard who can score in bunches and run the floor, this could be the guy. If Kurt falls from the first round, someone is going to have themselves a bargain. Expected teams to have interest - Dandy Ducks, Garfield Foxes, Cardinia Crocs.

Mitch Ryal

Elite level rebounder anybody? Mitch Ryal ticks the boxes as a hard worker, relentless rebounder and a guy who is great at cleaning up around the bucket. Mitch was a top 3 rebounder last season, with 13 per contest, while chipping in a shade under 9pts per game. There will be a team in the second round who will no doubt be chasing his services. Teams with interest - Cranbourne Bucks, Bayside Reapers, Garfield Foxes, Belgrave Mambas, heck it might be easier to list the teams without interest!

Riley Lanting

Here's a guy we aren't too sure about. He has been drafted to the Silverbacks in seasons past, with GM Paul Phillips obviously taking a liking to his game, for good reason. Lanting averaged 7.5ppg, 4rebs and 2 asssists. These numbers are very decent for a guys drafted in the 4th-5th round. This is a guy who we expect could be drafted higher and who could benefit from an expanded role. Expected teams to have interest - Cardinia Crocs, Maryknoll Matadors, Cranbourne Bucks, HP Blazers.

This season's draft is set to happen straight after the final combine on Sunday. Got the inside word on this season's draft talent? Leave us a comment!

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