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We're back - Here is what you need to know

Dust off your dancing shoes, Super-League is back! Peninsula comps start back this evening, while South East comps will return Monday/Tuesday. This news is very well received, after a 2 week setback due to government Covid-19 restrictions were put in place just days before the season opener in the South East. The return to play though will be similar to what we have seen last season, with several conditions in place:

  1. No spectators. While we are waiting for the all clear to return to normal, no spectators will be permitted in the stadium unless they are a legal guardian of a player/official.

  2. Teams must enter through the normal entry, but exit through the foyer. This is to minimize contact and streamline the game changeover process. For the last game of the evening, you can exit as normal.

  3. Mandatory check-in. You must check in using the QR code/notepad upon entry. No check-in, no play.

  4. Masks must be worn inside stadium unless playing

We appreciate everyone's compliance with this and hope that we can return to normal sooner rather than later.


Match ups

South Conference - Monday

6:40pm - Harkaway Toucans V Cardinia Crocs

Toucans surprised most by picking Logan Mills at #1. However, Logan is in some fine form and has a fantastic team built around him. Both the Toucans and the Crocs appear to have extreme depth on their rosters. We couldn't think of a better opening match-up for the season.

7:30pm - Drouin Dragons V Tooradin Kraken

GM Lucas Plozza knows a good thing when he sees one. That's why he methodically paired Alex Kotuziak and James Flannery. These two have shared the floor before with impressive results. Let's see if they can replicate that same success on this new roster. They take on the Kraken, who have built one of the more intriguing rosters this season. Loaded with young guns, this team should torch most opponents in transition. Dan Whitfield, Cooper Lanting, Joey Nativo and Jayden Oniell will be a tough group to keep up with up and down the floor. Look for this one to be high scoring.

8:20pm - Koo Wee Rup Koalas V Cora Lynn Camels

The Koalas are coming off the back of a Championship. GM Brendan Clark has assembled some of the same guys to defend it. Mason Lee, Mitch Gray and Alex McMillan all returning for the Koalas along with a plethora of talent are looking for another successful season. They take on the Camels, who were flying last season but fell just short of finals basketball. Their list this season looks probably the most impressive on paper. It is now up to GM Lachlan Mcgrath to bring them all together and make a run at the Title.

9:10pm - HP Blazers V Emerald Bears

Somehow new GM Corey Nagel managed to draft his brother, Kyle in this years draft. This is a testament to how creative this guy is, both as a player and a GM. he has put together a well balanced list which will be hard to stop offensively. The Emerald Bears have taken a similar approach this year as years' past - snap up the best player available at the time. This year he managed really high value at every pick he took. Kemara Samuel, a name thrown around in the first round ended up a Bear for the second time, being drafted in the 3rd. This is after he had a 30+pt game last season. His veteran leadership alone will be invaluable for this squad. This should be a ripper game.

East Conference - Tuesday

6:40pm - Cranbourne Bucks V Philly Island Pengiuns

After little success in seasons past, a new GM has been installed at the Bucks. GM Jacob Begg is no stranger to being a GM. His draft was a reflection of this, putting together a mean list with some terrific two way players, including the league MVP from last season - Tim Morgan. They take on the Philly Island Penguins, who have undergone a shakeup already. GM Brad Starkey has traded 4 of his guys as he is searching for the right balance on his squad. His current list shows some great potential.

7:30pm - Nar Nar Goon Bulldogs V Dandenong Ducks

The team from the time machine - Nar Nar Goon Bulldogs, will take on another team from a time machine - The Dandy Ducks. Both of these squads have many returning faces. Both of their GMs figure they are close to success with their current recipe and have draft many familiar faces. Which team will have time machine bragging rights after round 1?

8:20pm - Pakky Upper Unicorns V Bayside Reapers

GM Curtis Wheeler is somewhat of a genius. He has a terrific eye for talent. Many questioned Wheeler as he took Craig Walker in the 2nd round this season. Craig, in seasons past has shown some real potential. Curtis identified him as someone he could work with and snapped him up early. The results in the preseason were astounding. Craig Walker has been more than just impressive, torching opponents and scoring at will. This looks like a promising season for both him and the Unicorns. The combination of Craig and Vlad Tankov, a 6'8" unselfish centre might be the most exciting duo to watch this season. They take on the Bayside Reapers. GM Dale Taylor has done a solid job of drafting shooters, nabbing several top shooters. He surprised many also, selecting Steve West with his first round pick. West had a couple of massive games last season and will be someone to watch. Paired with other shooters Craig Drew, Bailey Griffiths and Summit Thapa, this squad has potential to light up.

9:10pm - Tynong Tornadoes V Belgrave Mambas

The Tornadoes are one team we haven't been able to gauge just yet. They had guys missing at most scrimmages. But from what we could see, they have potential. Mike Stewart will have an expanded role this season, responsible for bulk scoring as well as being elite on the defensive end. Guys like Tobias Bardel and Will Gray show promise in transition. Some SL veterans thrown in with an elite PG in Josh Drury and you have yourself a promising squad. The Mambas were the bank robbers of the draft. They managed to get Cam Scott AND Tommy Walsh early in this draft. 2 old heads who have both played high level basketball. The chemistry they are going to form is going to be lethal later this season. This is a really top notch list and the Tornadoes will have their hands full stopping the offensive options the Mambas have.

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