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The Ducks ready to make a Splash!

Updated: Feb 22, 2020


This coming season the Ducks will not only be sporting a very new look, they'll be managed by Super League favourite Jono Bray! Bray will step into the Duck limelight in his first ever season as a General Manager.

Having played 2 seasons in the league, this was Brays natural progression.

In what was a very dramatic Draft, we caught up with JB to see how he went. {JB} Dramatic is an understatement, haha. I really wasn't expecting it to be that full on.

{SL MEDIA} That's SL for you, so what was your main focus coming into the draft?

{JB) My aim was to secure like mined people , so I really wanted to draft Trav Blackney and my brother Matt. They were my focus and I was stoked be able to get them.

{SL MEDIA} And do you feel you achieved that ?

{JB} Yeah for the most part, I reckon I did.

{SL MEDIA} You seem to be fairly content with your selections. How do you feel your franchise’s will go this season?

{JB} I think initially we may start out as underdogs to a lot of teams in the comp, but when my boys gelI. Geez we'll be hard to beat. Finals bound are the Ducks!

{SL Media} You reckon that transition basketball is enough in SL?

{JB} yeah I do, especially with my list.

{SL MEDIA} The Ducks are sporting a new look, tell us a little bit about that

{JB} New GM, New Look! Both look very sexy! haha. No in all seriousness, you cant go wrong with a uniform design in SL

{SL MEDIA} Which franchise has the best list? (aside from your own) {JB} Its hard to go past those Bears!

{SL MEDIA} Who will win the MVP?

{JB} My main man Trav Blackney

{SL MEDIA} Really?

{JB} Yes Sir {SL MEDIA} I don't know if its worth asking, but who will win the DPOY? {JB} Trav again! Back to Back again

{SL MEDIA} If you could have one player from another team, who could it be?

{JB} I'd take Ambu, the dude is beast and can play in every position

Two gorgeous additions to the Ducks Franchise. We'll be watching these guys with great interest.


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