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Registrations have just been opened for next season, which means it's time to sign up - ASAP! Super-League experienced a huge jump in interest over the last six months, with the expectations to fill the 16 teams in the South East Domestic. In addition to South East, the Peninsula will be getting a Domestic comp of their own as they retain a lot of guys from the Elite comp from last season. The expectation is a high standard of domestic competition, with 7 new franchises on the way - and the Bayside Reapers fielding a 2nd team on the Peninsula.

"We are incredibly excited to see what this next year of Super-League brings. The changes we have made with our online presence, combined with competitions and the community they bring with them are going to make this a really fun league to be a part of." - President of Basketball Operations Dale Taylor.

For those who aren't familiar, here is a little of how Super-League works: Players attend at least 1 "draft combine". This is where players get together and have some scrimmages and a bit of a run - nothing too serious. This is for our GMs to see each players strengths and weaknesses in preparation for the draft

Following the final draft combine, we get straight into our draft. This is held behind closed doors. Our GMs can trade picks and players during the draft, but once this is over, a podcast is made where you can find out which team you have been drafted to.

After draft night, all uniforms are ordered and play starts in March. The season will go for 11 rounds. For the teams that make finals, their season continues as the finals go for up to 4 weeks. The playoff system has the top 4 teams from each conference facing off (top 4 for Peninsula). Teams that finish 1st and 2nd will receive a second chance. The team who wins out of 1st and 2nd will go straight through to the Conference Finals (Grand Final for Peninsula). 3rd and 4th go head to head in an elimination game to make it through to the Prelim where they will face the loser of 1st and 2nd.

The season awards have been revised for next season also. Tristan Blacka - League Commissioner - "In seasons past, we have noticed some areas we can improve on for the MVP and DPOY awards. Next season we will be handing it over to our referees and stats table to provide us with votes for our season awards. We think that having 1 set of votes per game will also improve these awards, opposed to having 2 sets per game."

PayItLater has also been added to the lineup for Super-League, giving players the option to pay their season off over a 4 week period, rather than pay the full amount in one hit. This is set to be a game changer, as we experimented with a similar system last season. PayItLater is a more refined, easier to use system. This is at no extra cost to the player, it is an option that is there for everyone. However, as with all credit sources, there are fees for late payments (failed direct debits), so take note of the debit dates and ensure the money is in the account, ready to go.

To see the full season details, you will need to click here. But here is a sneak peek: Super-League Domestic South East

Playing Location: Bridgewood Primary School, Officer

Cost of entry: $299 - includes everything (playing uniform, registration fees, game fees, photos, the lot) apart from finals.

Draft Combine dates: TBC

Season start date: TBC

Finals dates: TBC

All Star Game: TBC

Super-League Domestic Peninsula

Playing Location: Somerville Rec Centre, Somerville

Cost of entry: $299 - includes everything (playing uniform, registration fees, game fees, photos, the lot) apart from finals.

Draft Combine dates: TBC

Season start date: TBC

Finals dates: TBC

All Star Game: TBC

For Full details and to register, click here

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