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It’s no secret that GM Dale Taylor is a basketball fanatic. The guy lives and breathes anything and everything basketball. But the GM’s workload has gotten a whole lot busier this year, after having successfully secured a franchise position in the Peninsula Super-League for his beloved Bayside Reapers.

DT: Busier is an understatement, But I'm really excited to have the Reapers in both leagues this season. Obviously, returning to South East is a no brainer. I love that comp and all the guys in it. The culture and everything that we have grown there is something really special. There are so many ripping blokes down on the Peninsula too, so I'm looking forward to getting to know them all a bit better.

{SL MEDIA} That being said, what was your main focus during the draft process?

{DT} South East – I wanted to draft an evenly balanced team, with a lot of 3pt shooting and High IQ guys. The less holes in our game the better.

Peninsula – I wanted to secure a top pick in the draft and someone than we can really go to when we need a basket. Outside of that, just a deep team.

{SL MEDIA} And do you feel you achieved that?

{DT} South East - I think so. We have many more than capable outside shooters and most of our guys are older and experienced. We should be a very savvy and in control team. All the guys on the squad this season are willing passers too, so we should be able to create looks for each other

Peninsula – Again – I think so. Jordy Melrose has to be one of the most potent scorers this draft has. We also managed to snag Jono Hawes – who we will be able to go to at just about any stage in the game for a post up bucket or a middy. This team is deep as hell also.

{SL MEDIA} In response to those comments, you seem to be fairly content with your selections. How do you feel your franchise’s will go this season? Because from all reports, both leagues are fairly stacked.

{DT} South East – I think anything below an overall top 4 finish will be disappointing. But there are some really strong teams in both conferences, so I understand it won’t be an easy accomplishment. Obviously, from there, our target will be the Chip.

Peninsula – It’s a Championship of fail for this squad.

{SL MEDIA} In worst case scenario, your squads don’t achieve your desired results, the boys will be definitely looking the part, tell us a little bit about the “NEW LOOK” Reapers Uniforms.

{DT} I loved our colourway last season, so we just expanded on it a little this season, adding is a little more of the teal colour in the form of a “blood spatter” pattern. Excited to see them come in and roll out for round 1

{SL MEDIA} Let’s touch on the other Franchises for a minute, because there is some serious competition coming your way. From a list perspective, who do you think has the best? aside from your own of course?

{DT} S/E: Garfield Foxes – This team is so deep its not funny. Its hard to poke a hole in their game on paper

Pen: Cranbourne Bucks – I think this team is going to cause a lot of problems in this league. Kurt and Glenn look like a dangerous combo

{SL MEDIA} Who will win the MVP then?

{DT} From the S/E James Flannery, has to be a favourite I reckon. And Luke Svensosn from Pen, that guy can ball.

{SL MEDIA} Over Noodle Weideman in Pen??

{DT} Who??

{SL MEDIA} Who will win the DPOY

{DT} S/E Ambu Uliando can play just about every position, which I think is super important from a defensive standpoint.

Chris Barrett is the one to watch from the Peninsula.

{SL MEDIA} Who will win the Steal of the Draft

{DT} Broderick Green

Shannon Yearsly - Shagga

{SL MEDIA} I know you are stoked with your lists, But If you could have one player from another team, who could it be?

{DT} Mitch Ryal, I just missed out on him and it hurts.

I drafted everyone on my short list. If there was one, it would have to be Ned “Noodle” Weideman.


{DT} haha

There you have it! DT at the helm of two Reapers squads, rocking a new kit. It doesn’t get much better than that. Keep an eye out for our next GM interview and Uniform Reveal.


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