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Peninsula Teams Revealed!

After some crafty GM selections and some deceitful tactics, We have 8 very interesting teams for the inaugural season of Peninsula Domestic! Check them out below: ** = Traded after the draft.

Karingal Kings-GM: Richmond Reyes

Luke Svensson Rhys Borham Nathan Henderson Ryan Chaplin Tristan Moore Harvey Taylor** Alexander Hall Strengths: Offensive Firepower, Athleticism, Luke Svennson's Shot blocking Weaknesses: Rebounding outside of Svennson Notes: Favourite to win at this point, Incredibly well balanced. Richmond has done a great job thus far, just needs to stay out of the way.

Mount Eliza Millions-GM: Tom Bryne

Ned Weideman Chris Barrett Bryce Anderson Denee Lalouette James Colquhoun Wai Keat Chong James Guest Strengths: Versatile across the board, Everyone can play multiple positions effectively. Weaknesses: Lack of Interior Scoring/Defence Notes: Will Ned Weideman play any defence?

Bayside Reapers- GM: Dale Taylor

Jordan Melrose Jonathan Hawes Shannon Yearsley Neil Bassett Josh Westerman Jesse Shore Michael Synders Strengths: Well-Balanced. Pick and Roll combinations will be lethal. Weaknesses: Perimeter Shooting Notes: Jordan Melrose might average 30 points a game, He might win MVP! Only one thing is certain; he will not be in the 3PT shootout. Neil Bassett early favourite for 'Rage Monster of the Year'.

Langwarrin Thunder- GM: Daniel Zuijdwijk

Eddie Swan Regan Hill Seb Melhem Blake Delaney** Toby North Brad Scanlan Ryan Green Strengths: Great Size, Perimeter Shooting Weaknesses: Lack a true PG. Will struggle to create when the defence tightens up. Notes: How many 35 ft pull-up threes will Eddie shoot before GM Zed implodes?

Dromana Bulls- GM: Daniel Aubert

Sean Hogenbirk Daniel Kerin Tom Edwards Zac Footit Jarred Aubert Jack Taranto Jack Wilkinson Strengths: Interior defence. Big's that can create shots through screening or passing. Weaknesses: Lacks a go to scorer that can create their own shot in the clutch. Notes: Tom Edwards feels like he's being slept on by falling to the 3rd round. Here is his chance to prove his worth.

Flinders Raiders-GM: Josh Taylor

Joshua McCarthy Alex Ballerini Matthew Nott Jeremy Hardt ** Jalen Hema Chris Visscher Mitchell Chapple Strengths: Young and athletic. Will play fast in transition. Weaknesses: Perimeter Defence Notes: A very well balanced team, JT will need to shoot the ball like he did in elite for his Raiders to be a threat.

Hastings Heat- GM: Tom Clark

Roman Teper Zayne Millsom Ryan Dwyer ** Tristan Rendell Harrison Swan David King Dylyn Blackledge Strength: Inside scoring, Athleticism, Size Weaknesses: Turnover Prone, Perimeter Shooting Notes: A Rome Teper/ Zayne Millsom pick and roll could be weekly features in both the best and worst of the week highlights.

Cranbourne Bucks- GM: Glenn Wansbrough

Kurt Alamio Jono Svensson Toriz Szabo Mitch Nation Michael Finn Nic Studham Dylan Dalais Strength: Attacking the ring. Could be the best defensive team in the competition. Weaknesses: Perimeter Shooting

Notes: Lots of Dark Horse Candidates for awards. Kurt could be MVP, Mitch Nation could be steal of the draft.


Trades: Here are the trades that happen directly after Draft. Karingal Kings Trade: Harvey Taylor Flinders Raiders Trade: Jeremy Hardt Langwarrin Thunder Trade: Blake Delaney Hastings Heat Trade: Ryan Dwyer

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