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Matadors set to impress!


When GM Liam Blacka decided to rest his beloved franchise, it was unclear when and if they’d make their return to SL. But 12 months on, it was like they’d never left. The Matadors are back, Liam is back in the GM ranks.

{LB} I'm back (back) the fog has lifted. The earth has shifted and raised the gifted. You knew I'd be back so pack your bone And hit the road jack cause daddy's home….

{SL MEDIA} WAIT WAIT WAIT!! Did you just rap Kid Rock?

{LB} Sorry, I’m just really excited to be here.

{SL MEDIA} What was your main focus coming into the draft?

{LB} I wanted to maintain what has worked best for me in past seasons, so my focus was selecting an evenly spread team across all positions. Drafting my cousin Nick was also high on my priority list, so I was stoked being able to picking him up.

{SL MEDIA} And do you feel you achieved that?

{LB} Well I enacted what I set out to do, in drafting a certain way. So I guess that an achievement in itself. Whether all 8 guys can bring it all together is another story.

{SL MEDIA} How do you feel your franchise will go this season?

{LB} I honestly think we’ll go very well. We’ve had two scrimmages now and with each play we seem to build on that Matador chemistry.

{SL MEDIA} Your franchise is sporting a new look, tell us a little bit about that.

{LB} It’s a custom for people to throw roses at a Matador’s feet after victory and these uniforms are a true representation of that. The Matadors will see a lot of Victories this season.

{SL MEDIA} WOW! Interesting concept!

{LB} It is what it is! Haha. No, in all seriousness TTW are the benchmark for this type of thing. Two things are a certainty in SL. Leon Stapley will get up bulk 3’s and you are guaranteed to have kickass uniforms.

{SL MEDIA} Which franchise has the best list? (aside from your own)

{LB} Bears have the best list. I think that’s a pretty safe bet. It’ll be interesting as to whether they can make it work.

{SL MEDIA} Who will win the MVP?

{LB} Tim Morgan. His basketball IQ is ridiculous.

{SL MEDIA} Who will win the DPOY

{LB} I’ll go a smokey and say cousin Nick (Buckland), not too many people have had the opportunity to see him play yet. But he is definitely one of the premier defenders this season.

{SL MEDIA} Who will win the Steal of the Draft

{LB} Jak Morris-Burney. Even for a 3rd rounder this kid went far to low.

{SL MEDIA} If you could have one player from another team, who could it be?

{LB} Leon Stapley. Every GM needs a security blanket.

This could be a team to watch. Evenly spread across all positions. Stacked on the defensive end & a decent amount of shooting power.



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