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Tidal wave of trades coming - Super-League in the Splash zone

It seems when is rains, it pours. After last night's trade news, we wake this morning to news of three other significant trades involving teams' first rounders. In this article, we will cover these trades, and try to establish who they may be targeting. First trade that was made:

Cardinia Crocs Receive: Picks 4, 40, 101

Pakky Upper Unicorns Receive: Picks 11, 23, 118

The Unicorns had the 4 pick this season, but have cashed in, securing another second round pick in return for moving down the order in the first. Another interesting decision, but GM Curtis Wheeler figures to have his eyes on someone mid first round that he is confident he can secure. GMs are talking about Corey Nagel - last year's Steal of the Draft as being a first rounder this season. Curtis had him on the Unicorns last season and would have the best possible scouting report on him - perhaps this could be his target? Looks like he is trying to go for the Miami Heat Big 3. Possible Targets: Corey Nagel, Alex Kotuziak, Joel Donnelly, Josh Drury The Crocs move their way up to the fourth pick and obviously see a target they like in the top end. GM Daniel Stow is a smooth operator as a GM and if he has made this trade, you can bet he has a solid plan in place. The Crocs are coming off a season where they fell just short in the big dance - they will be out for redemption this season. Possible Targets: Nick Spezza, Jason Lang, Tommy Walsh, Andy Printannier


The Second Trade made of the evening: Maryknoll Matadors Receive:

Picks 12, 22

Beaconsfield Mustangs Receive: Picks 5, 28

The Matadors obviously see something in the second round that they like and are putting their necks out to get it. GM Liam Blacka has always been a savvy GM, but this is a very bold move. Previous history tells us that he loves his veteran players, so perhaps there is someone mid second that fits the bill? Possible Targets: Karl Tirkonnen, Peter Davey, Craig Drew, Dave Morseman The Mustangs are looking a little more frugal this season with their trades. Last season GM Chirs Loogman (Wizards) shot from the hip, wheeling and dealing. Some of the targets he was hoping for were gone and his draft didn't go according to plan. This season figures to be different as he makes a very smart trade, moving up to pick 5, he figures to be targeting someone early. Possible targets: Nick Spezza, Andy Printannier, Tommy Walsh, Corey Nagel


The Third Trade involves the Bayside Reapers again:

Bayside Reapers Receive: Picks 26, 50

Harkaway Toucans Receive: Picks 13, 77 This figures to be a win-win. The Toucans have given away some depth later in the draft to pursue 2 first round guys. GM Jono Lay was quoted saying: "The first round is deeeeeep. There will be top level talent at the 13 spot. This could be the start of something special." Who he could be referring to is anyone's guess, but he is definitely correct. From last Sunday's combine, there could be some fresh faces that push their way up, but if not - it still leaves guys like Trav Blackney, Kurt Lazaro, Alex Kotuziak, Joel Donnelly, Matt Bray, Rob Middleton (plus many more) in the mix at that point. The 13 pick is an ideal spot to pick up a steal and the Toucans could have opposing teams with their hands full trying to stop 2 top level guys. The Reapers on the other hand traded down to the 13 pick and now out of the first round completely. GM Dale Taylor could be on the hunt for a top level guy that slips far out of the first, or maybe an up and coming player from previous seasons (James Armstrong, Matt Bray, Riley Lanting, Craig Walker to name a few). Perhaps he sees a new face worthy of a mid second (Matt Lever, Benji Coco)? Reapers have potential to have a very balanced team following the last couple of moves. Are the Reapers done trading, or is there still more to come?


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