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These guys are STEALS in this seasons Draft

It's no secret, this season had one of the deepest drafts in Super-League history. The South East draft saw many staple names slip down the draft, as GMs identified fresh talent and/or bargain buys. There was a real sense of pressure in the draft room this season and I think it showed in the results of this draft. Certain teams slipped on some real bargains, while others cashed in, securing deep and talented squads.

Here are just a few players we think were great value in the draft:

1. James Armstrong - Pick 64

After being drafted in the 3rd round last season, there was talk of this guy being a steal last season. So how the heck did he slip all the way to the bottom of the fourth round!? This kid averaged 13.1 points per contest and had one game of 36 points. His mid range game was elite and his run in transition was well above average. The Philly Island Penguins drafted James with the 64th pick of the draft - which would have to put him among the favourites for the Steal of the Draft award right out of the gates


2. Trent Wreford - Pick 68

Trent Had a cracking season with the Champions last season. His numbers don't exactly jump off the page at you, but he as a part of the deepest team in the League. The Unicorns won the lot - with Trent being a major factor in this. His 7.1ppg, 10.4rpg and almost 2 block per contest were huge for the Corns. He bolstered their interior defence while offering himself as a solid finisher around the cup. Look for a similar role this season.


3. Jason Siegel - Pick 118

Every GM in the league was kicking themselves last season that they didn't pick up Jason Siegel late in the draft. He played a key role off the bench for the Unicorns last season and everyone figured this season he would work himself up the order. Somehow this wasn't the case. He was re-drafted by the Unicorns and obviously GM Curtis Wheeler was stoked to be able to pick him up again. Siegel was a work horse last season. Averaging 3.7ppg, 6.6rpg and 2 dimes per game too.


4. Wyatt Tomisich - Pick 54

We can't list all of the Bears' picks here, otherwise we would. Wyatt was widely regarded as a borderline first round talent. He can put points up in bunches and has always done a solid job of rebounding. At pick 54, he is an absolute bargain and probably a front runner for the Steal of the Draft award amongst many GMs. He is going to be on a stacked team with the Bears this season, so it remains to be seen just how successful his season is going to be. The man is a walking double double, so if the Bears can get that this season, it's a HUGE plus.


5. Shaun Webster - Pick 115

The 8th round was full of surprises as GMs displayed their lack of attention to detail. GM Lee Belton showed that he has been paying attention with this gem of a pickup in the 8th round. Shaun "Woody" "Kurt" Webster had a terrific season with a solid Bayside Reapers outfit. He finished the season with 4.3ppg and 5.6rpg, shooting the 3 ball at just over 30%. He was a key player on this team and whenever he came into the game, provided a spark with his effort and enthusiasm. Woody should have been drafted a lot higher - the Sharks have some solid value here.


6. Broderick Green - Pick 37

Widely known as a first round talent after his successful campaign with the Koalas last season, Broderick slipped down the draft order due to injury. Recovering from a hand injury currently, GMs were reluctant to take a gamble on Broderick as there wasn't an accurate timeline on his recovery. The Bayside Reapers took a flyer in the 3rd as he offered terrific value - they picked up a 12ppg, 10rpg big man, who finished at nearly 50% from the field. Broderick's recovery is on track and looks available for round 1, which is going to disappoint a lot of other GMs.


Here's some other guys we think are going to be steals, but we can only base this on what we have seen so far, as they are all new here at SL:

Matt Lever - Pick 59

Has that James Armstrong type game - seems to be pretty decent at most things and will be a handy pickup for the Toucans in the 4th round.

Jay Burgess - Pick 89

Same as above - this kid can do a bit of everything and is primed for success. Being picked later in the draft should allow Jay to play with freedom and no pressure. Expect big things.

Ross Coutts - Pick 107

Ross' game is a hard one to pick. He shows moments of brilliance on offence, driving into the lane and making some really solid decisions with the ball. If he can get his eye in, this could be invaluable for the Crocs.

Summit Thapa - Pick 40

We only got a glimpse at Summit during the combines, but this guy can flat out play. He is a junkyard dog on defence and will be crossing up defenders on a nightly basis. If he can reliably hit a 3 ball, this is going to be a great season for him at the Camels

Benji Coco - Pick 79

Another guy we didn't see too much of at the combines, but we saw enough to know he can play. GMs were reluctant to use an early pick on him, but we think he is going to make them regret that. Great handles and basketball IQ from what we saw.


Got any others that you think we missed? Let us know all about it in the comments!

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