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Restructured Mustangs are ready!


Franchise hopping Chris Loogman is back and this time he’ll be at the helm of the Beaconsfield Mustangs. After a closed-door discussion, Loogman has taken the reins from Jacob Begg. Who will be entering the draft, as opposed to GMing.

{SL MEDIA} What was your main focus coming into the draft?

{CL} "REDEMPTION" GM attempt number 2. I have learnt plenty at the Wizards last season and feel its helped me this season. Drafting Andy and Charlie were my main focus, plus overall balance.

{SL MEDIA} And do you feel you achieved that?

{CL} Yes I do, getting Andy and Charlie was big, plus more height in Gav and speed in Alex and Jayden.

{SL MEDIA} How do you feel your franchise will go this season?

{CL} I feel we are going to be strong this season I think we have the best defensive unit in Andy and Gav (which they have a wager on who get most rebounds and blocks) on the other end Jayden, Charlie and Alex have max speed. But we'll see.

{SL MEDIA} Your franchise is sporting a new look, tell us a little bit about that.

{CL} I had no input haha! but I love what TTW has produced. As per usual, they’ve put together another brilliant outfit. Time to buy some shoes to match lol.

{SL MEDIA} Which franchise has the best list? (aside from your own)

{CL} I believe the Matadors has the best list. Mind you, put Timmy Morgan on any side and he’ll give you the edge. I Like the Camels too.

{SL MEDIA} Who will win the MVP?

{CL} I think Corey Nagel (I think he should have got it last season, if I’m honest) but my man Andy will push hard.

{SL MEDIA} Who will win the DPOY

{CL} Easy bet would be Travis Blackney for the 3 peat. But I think Gav Trappnell will win it, he hates giving up a basket.

{SL MEDIA} Who will win the Steal of the Draft

{CL} Yeah, I'll be honest it's going to be pretty hard to go past Wyatt, slipping that far is criminal.

{SL MEDIA} If you could have one player from another team, who could it be?

{CL} I'd have to say Jeff Reid.



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