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Registrations filling rapidly

Time to sign up or miss out!

Register ASAP to guarantee a spot

With both comps well over the 50% mark, spots are starting to dry up. We urge all of those that played last season to lock down their spot for this season. Registrations will fill over the next week or so.

"We have had a terrific response since opening registrations and expect that registrations are going to be closed off over the next week or so. We are really excited for the next season of Super-League" - Commissioner Tristan Blacka

This season is going to be even easier to follow the action, with our new website being the hub of all thing Super-League. Live stats, Podcast, League and trade news and photos are all going to be up on our website: Havent Registered yet, but want to play? HURRY UP! It only takes a couple of minutes and payment plans are available.

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