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Karingal drop their Royal threads


Richmond Reyes is one of the most charismatic personalities in SL history, his first year as GM will be nothing short of entertaining. Although this is his first formal experience as GM, Rich no stranger to the management role. Dubbed GM Judas for his deceitful dealings as Interim GM of the Frankston Falcons last season. Richmond will look to replicate that chaos and leave as Peninsula Champions. Richmond took the time to sit with SL media to discuss the upcoming season.

{SL MEDIA} A lot of pressure comes with the first pick, You've obviously panicked by passing on Ned Weideman but what was your major focus for the rest of your team?

{RICH} My major focus was to acquire a strong supporting cast for my centre piece first rounder and 'Best Player in the League' Luke Svensson. After him my focus was also to get a group of guys together that will enjoy and have fun with each other.

{SL MEDIA} And do you feel you achieved that?

{RICH} Yes. I am very happy with the team.

{SL MEDIA} You have a real opportunity here to go all the way with the selections you have made. Was is the ceiling of this team?

{RICH} The Kings are a very dynamic team. We really only have weakness, being a smaller team outside of Luke creates a potential struggle on the glass however I feel my team will go very well. The rotations will be great and we have a lot of fun which is crucial in the hunt for a championship. I think the ceiling is the roof.

{SL MEDIA} A brand new franchise and a brand new uniform. What are your thoughts on the Kings brand?

{RICH} The Kings brand is a reflection of the people who make it up. Good people make great teams. Uniform is solid! Looking forward to representing the Kings with my guys.

{SL MEDIA} We've pegged you as favourites thus far, who do you think is your biggest threat?

{RICH} I think the duo of Ned Weideman & Chris Barrett make the Mount Eliza Millions a serious threat. In addition Bryce Anderson was criminally underused last season and will complement the Millions with his efficient inside scoring game.

{SL MEDIA} Is Ned and Chris your favourites for MVP and DPOY? Chris has been predicted by every other GM thus far.

{RICH} I actually think neither will win. Both having Big V commitments I highly doubt we see the best versions of themselves until finals. This might contradict what I've just said but Jordy Melrose is my pick. The dude doesn't stop. For DPOY, I think a King takes home this award. Either Nathan Henderson or Rhys Borham. Both are genuine clamps.

{SL MEDIA} Interesting, In that case do you have another controversial pick for steal of the draft?

{RICH} Nah, running with the favourite here. Jono Svensson went way to late in the draft.

{SL MEDIA} I know you are stoked with your lists, But If you could have one player from another team, who could it be?

{RICH} Reagan Hill - His contribution to a team is fantastic. He would help with our rebounding issues and create shots for himself and others.

{SL MEDIA} Lastly, How many rounds will it take before you trade yourself to another team? {RICH} At this point, It's ride or die with the Kings. In saying that a 1-5 record however can test anyone's loyalty.

We can't wait to see the Kings in action come March 15th. Be sure to catch them at the Somerville Recreation Centre in round 1. More Uniforms reveals coming shortly so keep you're eyes on this space.


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